Virtual Training

Virtual Wetland Delineation Training

You can register for our Virtual Wetland Delineation Training on our Registration Page.

Here is a Sample Video

Primarily because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and secondarily because of the inability of some people to be able to attend a regional live class, we have instituted a Virtual Class that we feel will have most of the benefits of a live class and avoid some of the downsides. We feel comfortable with the quality of online training we are providing, but, to make sure you gained the skills you need, we are offering, additionally, attendance in a live class of your choosing within 18 months for no charge.

Here are the points

At the end of the class, there will be an exam, but RELAX! The purpose of the exam is for me and you to assess your comprehension of the material. After grading it, I will have a one-on-one private Zoom or phone call where I will go over the missed answers (hopefully, there won’t be many missed answers).

I provide soil color charts for use during live classes. Because I will not be able to do this, each attendee will need one for the virtual class. There are two options. The standard soil color book is the Munsell Soil Color Book available from Forestry Suppliers, Amazon and others. There is at least one on-line copy at MunsellColorChart but I do not know the copyright legitimacy of this or any other online copy. The second option, actually my preference, is the Globe Professional Edition available from Forestry Suppliers . The Globe Professional Edition has many advantages over the Munsell Soil Color Book: plastic pages are more durable than paper pages, better book cover, fits in pocket, et al, but the Globe Professional Edition lacks the Charts for estimating proportions of mottles and coarse fragments which I have attached. (I do not recommend the less-expensive Globe Soil Color Book (non-Professional edition) as it lacks some chips found in the Professional Edition.)

You may attend a future live class for no additional cost even after completing the virtual class. The live class is optional but recommended.

Thank you, Richard Chinn, SPWS