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In April 2001, the City of Ann Arbor gave me a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot, even though I had a broken leg and I had left a copy of my discharge papers on the dashboard.  When I appealed, they lowered the penalty a little, but I still had to pay $50 even though I had a legitimate handicapped parking sticker by that time.  I hope the parking police use these revenues to buy and fund their parks.

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Boulder is such a great place to live and work!  No hurricanes, no shark attacks, no land slides, no volcanoes…

By the way, they thought Secretary of State William Seward was an idiot in 1867 when he agreed to purchase Alaska from the Russians for 2 / acre! The Russians were willing to sell it because they had almost completely extirpated the Sea Otters and felt there was little value left in Alaska.

*Courtesy of Sen. Lloyd

Bentsen. Slightly modified.

Answer: It's Mindy's house from the Mork and Mindy show!